Bianca Mora

Cured meats, Dairy & eggs, Spices, preserves & condiments, Borough Market Online, Three Crown Square

Bianca Mora’s stall takes its name from two rare Italian breeds: the Bianca Modenese cow from Emilia Romagna and the free range Mora Romagnola pig. Specialising in charcuterie, parmigiano reggiano (parmesan) and pecorino cheese, Bianca Mora sources its products from a collection of small farms in northern Italy. The star of the charcuterie is the hand-carved leg of the Mora Romagnola pig, which spends its life feeding on acorns and chestnuts, lending the meat a subtle but distinctive flavour. All the products on the stall are organic and several enjoy Italian DOP status, guaranteeing an authentic taste of northern Italy.